The Santa Cruz Astronomy Club serves all communities in Santa Cruz County, California and neighboring areas. Our emphasis is telescope observing, family participation, and public enjoyment of the wonders of the starry night. See the calendar below for our schedule...

We meet on the Second Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm, at the Santa Margarita Meeting Room at the Scotts Valley Water District Offices, and hold several star parties per month. We are currently looking for a new regular observing site, and trying out various others

Various of our club members volunteer to provide a viewing experience to the public. We may randomly do sidewalk astronomy around the area, as well as occasional school and camp groups.

If you're thinking of coming to one of our viewing events, its always a good idea to check the club's email list for last minute updates.

To join our club, supply the information on this form, either printed with a check for the dues, or via email and paypal the dues to treasurer@astronomy.santa-cruz.ca.us

March 13 2019 Meeting

7pm at the Scotts Valley Water District's Santa Margarita Room (see below)

Speaker: Viraj Pandya, UCSC astronomy department

"How Galaxies Die".

Galaxies come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and they also have a lifecycle: galaxies start out blue and become redder over time. The "red and dead" galaxies are old and unable to form new stars, unlike blue galaxies. I'll describe some of the astrophysical processes that cause galaxies to become "red and dead," including large-scale astrophysical "winds," galactic cannibalism, and galactic-scale warming and sterilization.

New Meeting Location in 2019!

Starting in January, we will be meeting on the 2nd WEDNESDAY (instead of Thursday), at the Santa Margarita Room at the Scotts Valley Municipal Water District Offices, 2 Civic Center Drive in Scotts Valley. The entrance to the Santa Margarita Room is around the back side of the building, so use the lower parking lot in back.

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